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About Left Coast Press, Inc.

Now entering our tweens with our tenth anniversary, Left Coast Press, Inc. is a publisher of academic and professional materials in the humanities, social sciences, and related professional disciplines. Never satisfied with the banal, we pride ourselves on having developed the reputation of being slightly off center as well as for producing high-quality, cutting-edge books. We are well-known for publishing a wide range of reasonably priced (whoever got into book publishing to make a profit?), groundbreaking resources in a targeted set of fields, notably in anthropology, archaeology, museum studies, and qualitative research. We want scholars, students, professionals and others interested in these fields to make a beeline for our products right from the start for their needs in research, teaching, professional practice, and generalist reading.

Independently owned and run, Left Coast was launched in March 2005 by Mitch Allen, founder and former publisher of AltaMira Press and former executive editor of SAGE Publications. (Fun fact: he also has a PhD in archaeology). Our publishing program generates about 50 new titles each year and has grown to more than 450 books in both print and electronic (we are a 21st-century publisher, natch) formats. Many have won prestigious awards in the fields we service. Our talented staff has expanded from one to ten (as well as sporadic interns and several canine security officers that -sometimes- fiercely guard the Left Coast HQ). In addition, we provide sustenance to over 35 freelancers in production, design, and marketing. We may have a California sensibility, but our books are available worldwide through a network of distributors that specialize in academic works. Our electronic products can be found on our website, through vendors who service libraries, and through other retail channels.

Please note that we are unrelated to Dorothy Yule's Left Coast Press, publisher of limited-edition, handmade artist's books. She can be reached at www.leftcoastpress.com.

What's in a Name?

Radical hippie publishers from the hot tubs of Mendocino? Hardly. In the popular media, the phrase "Left Coast" is used as a geographic, cultural, or political designation. For us, Left Coast represents our location in the San Francisco Bay Area, a region famous for fostering new, progressive ideas and incubating dynamic, innovative organizations for over a century. While we tote many decades of publishing experience around with us, we retain open minds about what the world of scholarly and professional publishing can and should be. You might say that we have the flavor of California's Left Coast thinking but without the fog.

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