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Archaeology, History and Science
Integrating Approaches to Ancient Materials
Marcos Martinón-Torres (Editor); Thilo Rehren (Editor)
218 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / Apr, 2008
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Using a combination of historical, archaeological, and scientific data is not an uncommon research practice. Rarely found, however, is a more overt critical consideration of how these sources of
"In the past few decades, recent trends in archaeology have included renewed emphases on interdisciplinary research. The rapid and continued growth of archaeological science (or archaeometry) also has provided numerous new avenues for interdisciplinary collaboration. One of the common issues discussed within most papers were challenges associated with integrating the three main forms of data utilized in this book, especially historic written sources. The editors and authors do a nice job of…presenting successful cases of integration of these types of data. This book would make an excellent introductory text for middle- and upper-level undergraduate students, graduate students, and a useful resource for researchers."

- Thomas R. Fenn, Journal of Anthropological Research

"…Such a critical review of each avenue of information makes this book unique and an important contribution to the field of archaeological science. Summing up: Recommended."

- L.D. Frame, CHOICE

information relate to each other, or explicit attempts at developing successful strategies for interdisciplinary work. The authors in this volume provide such critical perspectives, examining materials from a wide range of cultures and time periods to demonstrate the added value of combining in their research seemingly incompatible or even contradictory sources. Case studies include explorations of the symbolism of flint knives in ancient Egypt, the meaning of cuneiform glass texts, medieval metallurgical traditions, and urban archaeology at industrial sites. This volume is noteworthy, as it offers novel contributions to specific topics, as well as fundamental reflections on the problems and potentials of the interdisciplinary study of the human past.

This title is sponsored by Institute of Archaeology, University College London.

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