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Museum Careers
A Practical Guide for Students and Novices
N. Elizabeth Schlatter
184 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / May, 2008
Paperback (978-1-59874-044-8)
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This concise volume is the place to start for anyone considering a career in museums. Museum professional and author N. Elizabeth Schlatter outlines the nature of the profession as a whole, the
"It is one thing to present statistical information about salary and education, but Schlatter's inclusion of interviews with other museum professionals gives the reader a clearer idea of the demands and duties of a position. … Although the book seeks to cater to the student and the novice, the information—especially the appendices of salary ranges, the museum professional websites, and an extensive bibliography—makes Museum Careers an essential addition to any museum professional's library. "

- Emily Elizabeth Smith, History News

"Museum Careers proves itself a must read for those thinking about entering the museum field and an excellent source for those in the early stages of their careers. … [T]he reader emerges from Schlatter’s book with a realistic idea of the many positive and rewarding aspects of the field, as well as an awareness of the trials and tribulations he or she is likely to experience, early or even late in a career. ... Schlatter’s work offers readers insights into the varied and exciting opportunities that await them in the field of museum studies. … [E]ven those seasoned professionals will find Schlatter’s list of professional organizations, job list-servs, and museum trends worthwhile reasons to make a place for Museum Careers on their bookshelf."

- Lori Satter, American Archivist

"Schlatter’s Museum Careers serves as a relevant and timely review of the information that beginners need as they embark on their careers in the museum field. The author examines the museum world with a discerning eye for what novices may encounter and what they might not have thought about yet. If her audience heeds her words, the pool of museum job applicants will become even more savvy and realistic about their careers. Then the really hard work--deciding which fledgling talents to hire--will shift to the museums themselves."

- Kate Flinner, Curator: The Museum Journal

"With the popularity of the Night at the Museum series of movies, this book should have a sure audience. Lots of folks who have seen the movie might be interested in what it takes to get a job at a museum and be a part of the show and this book does just that. Read the complete review at: http://dirtbrothers.org/reviews/generalarchaeology.html#SclatterMuseumCareers"

- Bob Wishoff, dirtbrothers.org

" The information is practical and current with "Career Ladders and Salary Ranges" for each of the 120 jobs explored. Quotation from experts add to the practicality of the exposition...Recommended. Lower level undergraduates and above; general readers. "

- CHOICE Magazine

"[Schlatter] details the jobs of museum workers; some focus on objects, others on audiences, and a third group on institutions' administration. The book presents clearly the qualifications for each. The information is practical and current with "Career Ladder and Salary Ranges" for each of the 20 jobs explored. Quotations from experts add to the practicality of the exposition. The author discusses the responsibilities and tasks of each job and spells out differences between categories of work; e.g., responsibility for exhibitions is gradually moving from curators to staff in the education area. A seven-page appendix lists organizations and Web sites that supply wide-ranging information. Summing Up: Recommended. Lower-level undergraduates and above; general readers."

- K. Marantz, Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University

"Museum Careers: A Practical Guide for Students and Novices is an exciting resource [that] provides valuable insight not only for the potential museum employee but also for the museum administration and boards. I have over 25 years experience (maybe 30) in museums and I found that this book would be an excellent resource for not only new employees or employees seeking changing roles in the museum but also for potential board members with an interest in personnel…. Every section, every page, every aspect of this book is filled with valuable content.… Schlatter offers realistic, practical, experienced-based expectations for anyone hoping to work in a museum environment. Me, I've loved every moment, even when griping louder than everyone else. Regarding this book, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and now I can't wait to share it."

- Former museum director, Epinions.com

"Whether you’re equipped with a museum studies degree or 30 years’ experience in another field, Museum Careers breaks down the whys, whats and hows of starting museum work. N. Elizabeth Schlatter, deputy director and curator of exhibitions at the University of Richmond Museums, begins with question number one--why work in a museum?--and then dissects the many types of museum jobs and how to obtain one. Interviews with a variety of current museum professionals give newcomers a preview of what to expect on the job."

- Museum magazine, September - October 2008

"I thoroughly recommend Museum Careers to anyone thinking of dabbling in this world. It provides not only a ton of practical advice, but Schlatter is completely honest about every aspect of this career. When I was just starting out, I wish I had had such a wonderful resource at my disposal. It is the most complete book on the museum field I have ever seen. Buy it! You won't regret it."

- Kimberly Kenney, Museums Site Editor, BellaOnline (http://www.bellaonline.com/site/museums)

" A comprehensive guide to the field, Museum Careers not only orients the newcomer to the world of museum employment but also provides the needed tips and resources for those of us at mid-career looking for that next big move and how to make it. "

- Marlene Rothacker, Director of Exhibitions, International Arts & Artists, Washington, DC

"N. Elizabeth Schlatter literally brings the museum field to life with her carefully chosen interviews, a cross section of professionals in art, history and science museums. While concisely organized with the most current information, the guide provides a reality check for students and novices and is notable for its on-the-mark analyses and engaging writing."

- Sarah Clark-Langager, Ph.D., Director of Western Gallery and Curator of Outdoor Sculpture Collection, Western Washington University, Bellingham

rewards and challenges of museum work, types of museums, and jobs within museums, including salary ranges. She discusses options for education and training, and suggestions on how to secure a job and how to move up the career ladder. Interviews with museum professionals from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds demonstrate different career paths and offer unique and helpful advice . For novices in the field, students in museum studies programs, or anyone considering museums as a career choice, Schlatter’s book is an essential starting point.

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