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Betweener Talk
Decolonizing Knowledge Production, Pedagogy, and Praxis
Marcelo Diversi; Claudio Moreira
236 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / Sep, 2009
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  - Qualitative Inquiry and Social Justice

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  - Communication & Media Studies
  - Cultural Studies & the Arts
  - Education
  - Ethnic Studies
  - Latin American Studies
  - Qualitative Research & Methods

National Communication Association Ethnography Division 2010 Book Award
In this literary, co-constructed narrative, two Brazilian scholars explore the spaces “in-between”—between their own biographies, one raised privileged, the other poor; between the experience of being
" I would, and I will, recommend your book to colleagues. Though not a 'light' read, it is an important one. For authoethnographers, it is a must-read; for scholars working within other theoretical and methodological frameworks, I feel your book holds the potential to incite researchers to question their own boundaries and assumptions, and to engage sites of struggle with passion, critical inquiry, and commitment, setting aside the delusional expectation of a fixed result in favour of dwelling in the 'problematic of scholarship production' (p. 178). "

- in education

"[The authors] bring their dialogical notions of betweenness, and decolonizing discourse into the spaces of identity, race, class, sexuality, and the classroom. They offer the reader a progressive politics of performative inquiry. Working out of their intertwined biographies, they offer new ways of reading, writing, and performing global and local culture...With their liberatory, emancipatory commitments, they believe that critical methodologists, can-- in concert with indigenous methodologies-- speak to oppressed, colonized persons living in postcolonial situations of injustice...This powerful book opens the door for a new generation of critical inquiry. "

- --From the Foreword by Norman Denzin and Yvonna Lincoln

raised in Brazil and finding acceptance in United States universities; between their lives in the academic establishment and their studies of poverty in Latin America; between the constraints of apolitical scholarship and the need to promote social justice; between contrasting styles of researching, theorizing, and writing. Their dialogue seeks to decolonize the world of American scholarship and promote the use of research toward inclusive social justice.

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