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Speaking Out
Storytelling for Social Change
Linde Zingaro
206 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / May, 2009
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Many professionals in health, education, and community service roles are caught in a particular identity bind—living in a complex social borderland of credibility and professional authority while
" The key question Zingaro sets out to explicate in this book is: 'What price do people pay to tell the truth about themselves?'. The answers to this question prove complex, as evidenced in the data that the author and her informants offer the reader. It is her careful and deliberate explications of the complexities of how people's work is shaped that makes Zingaro's book the intelligent, convincing, useful to practice, and thus valuable work that it is. "

- Laura Bisaillon, The Qualitative Report

" Zingaro’s main concern in this work is the effect that speaking out about sensitive or traumatic personal experiences can have on the speaker.... Although Zingaro’s book is mainly aimed at practitioners, I would argue that it is useful reading for anyone involved in doing research with people, particularly if they are asking research participants to talk about sensitive topics. "

- Venessa May, Qualitative Research

"Linde Zingaro’s deeply moving book is all the proof needed that advancing science is an art form. Speaking Out assesses the strip between Self and Other, and the emotional and political risks and negotiations involved in crossing that territory. Zingaro navigates the geography of disclosure – its practice and implications- and illuminates the personal and political costs and benefits of this deeply personal public practice. It is a unique book, and a riveting read."

- Lorraine Greaves, University of British Columbia

"Zingaro's analysis should be required reading for health professionals who identify themselves as sharing some elements of marginalization with their clients - indeed, all 'wounded healers' can learn when and how to disclose their personal stories safely."

- Carol Herbert, Dean, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

"Linde Zingaro’s work…is beautifully written and demonstrates an impressive breadth of scholarly research into such diverse fields as philosophy, women’s studies, psychology, psychoanalysis, and education. In addition to her theoretical flexibility in using various theorists and theories, she develops new and original concepts and categories in this work, including “border workers,” and “disclosure consequences,” among others. Zingaro’s study of, and reflections on, how border workers’ own narratives of struggle, suffering, and overcoming the obstacles of oppression can help others negotiate their struggles and suffering make significant contributions to how we think about methods and practices of social work and education."

- Kelly Oliver, Vanderbilt University

"With Speaking Out, Linde Zingaro has created an invaluable theoretical and pragmatic resource about the prices we pay to tell the painful truths of our lives. She illuminates the risks and dangers, as well as the gifts and power of disclosure. Complex, strategic, and eloquent, Zingaro offers herself as guide and witness, inviting her readers to engage the necessary complexities of considered disclosure as a foundation both for psychological healing and our political responsibilities to see one another more fully, thereby engaging the painstaking work of changing our selves and our world."

- Sandra Butler, author of Conspiracy of Silence: The Trauma of Incest and co-author of Cancer in Two Voices

experiencing or having experienced the same discrimination, violence and/or trauma they’ve committed their working lives to helping others overcome. For some, the disclosure of their own stories of marginalization has become a tool for advocacy, for telling a larger truth; for others, self-disclosure is a more personal action, intended to assist those isolated in their suffering in developing trust and connection. Dr. Linde Zingaro has used her experience as a lifelong social service worker and activist to ground an examination of the contemporary academic and clinical discussions of narrativity and disclosure, employing the voices of colleagues who have chosen to speak out in this way to illustrate some of the means to safely and effectively harness the transformative power of storytelling. Speaking Out is essential reading for social workers, activists, and community researchers who hope to bring about change on both a personal and societal scale. Sponsored by the International Institute for Qualitative Methodology, University of Alberta

This title is sponsored by International Institute for Qualitative Methodology.

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