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Cultures of Commodity Branding
Andrew Bevan (Editor); David Wengrow (Editor)
256 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / Jun, 2010
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Commodity branding did not emerge with contemporary global capitalism. In fact, the authors of this volume show that the cultural history of branding stretches back to the beginnings of urban life in
"This compilation is a refreshing approach to an unusual topic in archaeology: brand marketing and mass media related with the possibilities of public archaeology, understanding public archaeology as a way to study a concrete field in order to improve our knowledge and develop the environment and the community around the object of study."

- David ANDRÉS CASTILLO, AP: Online Journal in Public Archaeology

the ancient Near East and Egypt, and can be found in various permutations in places as diverse as the Bronze Age Mediterranean, and Early Modern Europe. What the contributions in this volume also vividly document, both in past social contexts and recent ones as diverse as the kingdoms of Cameroon, Socialist Hungary or online eBay auctions, is the need to understand branded commodities as part of a broader continuum with techniques of gift-giving, ritual, and sacrifice. This volume obliges specialists in marketing and economics to reassess the relationship between branding and capitalism, as well as adding an important new concept to the work of economic anthropologists and archaeologists.

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