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The Qualitative Manifesto
A Call to Arms
Norman K. Denzin
128 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / Jun, 2010
Paperback (978-1-59874-418-7)
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What are the prospects for qualitative researchers and their methods of inquiry? The leading figure in the qualitative community, Norman Denzin, provides a “call to arms” for researchers in
" I would recommend this book to persons who are interested in using ethnodrama as a form of advocacy or as a teaching tool. The practical examples along with the teaching template provided by the author make this book extremely useful for those who wish to both learn from and teach ethnodrama as a form of social justice. The author indicates in his book that he has been teaching qualitative inquiry for four decades and those who are starting out in their teaching career or those who are looking for a new approach would be wise to take advantage of Denzin’s experience in this area. I also would recommend this book to those who would like to learn more about the rise of qualitative thought and the paradigm wars but do not wish to read a lengthy report. Denzin’s concise histories throughout the first part of his book are an informative way to do so. "

- Lise M. Allen, The Weekly Qualitative Report

" Norman Denzin’s book on qualitative methods takes a political look at the current state of our methodologies and what the future might hold for them. This short book is a rousing and inspiring read, full of ideas and possibilities, suggesting that a key role of qualitative methodologies is to bring about social justice and change the world for the better. Those who work with, or are interested in, qualitative methods would benefit from reading this book. Indeed, it seems certain to spark some impassioned debate and discussion. "

- Johanna Spiers, Qualitative Methods in Psychology

"Norman Denzins’ The Qualitative Manifesto: A Call to Arms is timely and critical at this political juncture both locally and globally and inspired us to rise to his call in every course we teach, every space where we represent our qualitative work, bringing together a solidarity of praxis. His words were powerful, energizing, and his urgent call for social justice was compelling. "

- American Educational Research Association

"I have long admired Norm Denzin's vision and passion for qualitative inquiry. But I have never seen him write with such raw, energizing power - his is the voice of a fine angry angel leading us into the political battle of narratives currently defining, and contesting, qualitative research. It's a perfect pitch for this manifesto that is really a full intellectual and performative call to arms. "

- H.L. Goodall Jr., Arizona State University

this brief, provocative book. He promotes a research tradition engaged in social justice, sensitive to identity and indigenous concerns, brave in the presentation of research in forms beyond traditional academic writing, and committed to passing on this tradition to their students and colleagues. Denzin offers a brief history of how the qualitative community has developed to this point and the challenges it currently faces from academic, corporate and governmental sources, then outlines a cogent blueprint for the future. This is an important work for anyone engaged in qualitative inquiry.

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