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The Endurance Paradox
Bone Health for the Endurance Athlete
Thomas J Whipple (Author); Robert B Eckhardt (Author); Bernd Heinrich (Foreword By); Margot Putukian (Foreword By); Nicholas Romanov (Foreword By)
220 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / Mar, 2011
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The endurance athlete faces a paradox—you’re going farther and faster, you’re feeling stronger, but your bones are getting weaker. New, compelling evidence shows that the very activities that expand
"The Endurance Paradox offers insight on training technique and theory, presents current nutrition concepts, and discusses the impact of hormones and strength training, thereby providing a big picture approach to the art of endurance training. Many sport nutrition books that address bone health seem to focus primarily on the female athlete, yet Whipple and Eckhardt bring both genders into the dicussion and draw attention to some key hormonal and dietary considerations aimed at helping both male and female athletes maximize bone health. This book serves as a great overview for athletes and practitioners as it deals with principles that can be applied to athletes of all abilities. the topics represent essential considerations for balancing the potentially tenuous relationship between endurance exercise and bone health."

- Kristine Spence, SCAN's PULSE

"This book is a must read for athletes of all sports, ages and abilities, although targeted specifically for endurance athletes, it is also a must read for coaches, trainers, sports doctors, physical therapists and in fact anyone wishing to maintain or manage bone health. It educates the reader about the factors related to achieving good bone health and gives sound, evidenced based suggestions. It also appears that pursuing good bone health will improve performance and well-being, they are all related. The book is very easy to read, well researched and provides many new insights for the reader. Its information we all need when pursuing an active life."

- Graeme Nuttridge – Physical Therapist, 25 years with New Zealand Cricket, 10 Years with New Zealand Basketball, Physical Therapist at two Olympic Games, Faculty Member of the McKenzie Institute and Advanced Practitioner in Sports and Orthopaedics.

"As an orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist who provides care for all levels of athletes who challenge their limits by participating in endurance sports, I have come to understand that many of these athletes underestimate the cumulative forces absorbed by their skeleton on a daily basis. Even fewer athletes know how to train, eat and recover in a way that may lessen their chances of an overuse/overload injury such as a stress fracture. Stress related bone injury need not be an expected outcome in the endurance athlete, and neither does the long-term, under appreciated complication, osteoporosis. The Endurance Paradox is a valuable guide for clinicians, coaches and athletes who strive not only to maximize sports performance but also strive to maximize long term bone health and long term wellness. Thomas Whipple and Robert Eckhardt have teamed up to provide us all with a concise yet complete review of current scientific knowledge as it applies to the bone health, nutrition, training and the rehabilitation of all those who are involved in endurance sports. The authors very effectively bring the laboratory science to life by illustrating the practical application of evidence based strategies used by some of the most accomplished and successful endurance athletes and coaches in the world."

- John R. Deitch, MD Director of Sports Medicine Wellspan Health York, PA

"The importance of this book appears through the authors’ reference to the words of Dr. George Sheehan who wrote that “each of us is an experiment of one”. Unfortunately, in the case of bone health the long term consequences of our choices in diet and exercise may be neither desirable nor reversible. Whipple and Eckhardt provide practical advice for athletes and the sports medicine professionals who care so that one outcome of the endurance athlete’s experiments in search of success is optimal bone health. The book is extensively referenced and covers the key issues related to diet, exercise and bone health. The reader learns where the evidence for change lies as well as areas of continuing uncertainty and gains invaluable insight into the Endurance Paradox. "

- Craig Denegar PhD, PT, ATC

"I am very surprised and impressed by this book because the authors have seen through the fog of the plethora of research in this field and have made sensible, logical and clear recommendations. The book is well researched and offers excellent practical advice."

- Dr. Graham Fletcher, PhD, Sport Scientist, The Univeristy of Fraser Valley, Former British Triathlon National Team Coach

"Many endurance athletes perform strength-training that causes harm to their bodies, impairing their overall goals of better performance. This notably includes the full spectrum of bone loss leading to common injuries. The Endurance Paradox will help you positively address this common problem. Authors Thomas J. Whipple and Robert B. Eckhardt clear up many misconceptions about bone and muscle health and fitness, and in an easy-to-apply, holistic way, discussing simple, short, and effective workout plans you can perform at home. Just as important, they discuss how diet, nutrition, hormone balance, and other lifestyle factors influence bone health. The Endurance Paradox is also a must for all coaches and healthcare professionals who work with endurance athletes. This is truly an intelligent approach to a subject all endurance athletes should read. The notion of weight lifting to improve bone strength without inducing muscle fatigue and stress is natural, safe, and complimentary. And, it fits well into an overall endurance program."

- Dr. Philip Maffetone author, The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing

"The Endurance Paradox is well-researched and provides a wealth of valuable training and dietary information on an important topic which has long been overlooked and misunderstood by the endurance sports market. I highly recommend it to athletes and coaches. "

- Joe Friel, Head Coach, Training Bible Coaching, and co-author, Paleo Diet for Athletes

our mental and physical abilities may be reducing the durability of our skeletons. In this book, Thomas Whipple, a leading orthopaedic clinical specialist, and Robert Eckhardt, a scientist specializing in the musculoskeletal system, team up to explain how athletes at any level can maintain the delicate balance between endurance exercise and optimum bone health over a lifetime. Translating important scientific advances into accessible language, they explain the muscle-bone connection, and cover training strategies and exercises, nutrition, calcium, stress fractures, rehabilitation, running mechanics, footwear, posture, and pharmaceuticals. An essential guide and ideal text for exercise physiologists, endurance athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and coaches. Also see their website www.enduranceorthopaedics.com.

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