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A Poetics of Personal Relations
Ronald J Pelias (Author)
240 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / Feb, 2011
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  - Writing Lives: Ethnographic Narratives

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  - Communication & Media Studies
  - Qualitative Research & Methods

Ronald J Pelias explores leaning as a metaphor for analyzing interpersonal interaction. Bodies leaning toward one another are engaged, developing the potential for long-lasting, meaningful
"Pelias uses autoethnography, poetic inquiry, performative writing, and personal narrative to describe how bodies move—lean—together, placing themselves “in relationship to other bodies”...he encourages us to listen and be mindful of our relational ties, to understand the “fragility of connection,” and to never give up trying to figure out what and who matters."

- Tony E. Adams , Northeastern Illinois University

"Reading Ron Pelias’s autoethnographic poems, stories, and essays, I feel as though I have been invited to sit down on a comfortable couch, by a crackling fire, wine in hand, with a good friend. Ron takes me into his confidences as he tells about his life and relationships, those he’s been in as well as those he has observed. I become aware of presence and absence. I feel the touch of a hand, see a side glance, hear a word spoken, or not, the silences both calming and deadly. I lean in, listen, sense, and tell back my stories. You too will recognize yourself in Ron’s stories and poems as you confront the power of languaging, the complexities of communicating, the expectations of masculinity, the care and danger in holding and letting go of friends, lovers, and family members. You will feel connected, held, leaned into, as though Ron is writing to and about you—your passions, frustrations, victories in relating; to and about you--disappointing others, getting along, leaning in, and trying to learn how to love and accept the love of others. "

- Carolyn Ellis, University of South Florida

relationships. But this ideal is not often realized. Pelias makes use of a wide variety of tools such as personal narrative, autoethnography, poetic inquiry and performative writing in his exploration of the physical space of relationships. This deeply personal work is essential for scholars and students of qualitative research and autoethnography.

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