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Rethinking Race and Ethnicity in Research Methods
John H Stanfield , II (Editor)
331 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / Jul, 2011
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  - Ethnic Studies
  - Qualitative Research & Methods

This collection of original work demonstrates the new ways in which particular research methodologies are used, valued and critiqued in the field of race and ethnic studies. Contributing
"This volume... is an essential addition to the library of any scholar who addresses race or ethnicity in their research. The structure of the book, as an edited volume with a broad scope, makes it particularly useful for that researcher who might come across the issue of race or ethnicity in their research and need a brief tutorial on how to address race or ethnicity with a particular methodological approach. Stanfield’s editorial focus on autoethnography provides a unique twist to the complex discussion of race in the color-blind era. After reading the various accounts of how race and ethnicity have factored into these scholar’s work, we are left to wonder how much was lost, and will continue to be lost, in the continuing march to seek an objective truth that exists somehow outside of social interaction."

- Joanna S. Hunter, Symbolic Interaction

authors discuss the ways in which their personal and professional histories and experiences lead them to select and use particular methodologies over the course of their careers. They then provide the intellectual histories, strengths and weaknesses of these methods as applied to issues of race and ethnicity and discuss the ethical, practical, and epistemological issues that have influenced and challenged their methodological principles and applications. Through these rigorous self-examinations, this text presents a dynamic example of how scholars engage both research methodologies and issues of social justice and ethics. This volume is a successor to Stanfield’s landmark Race and Ethnicity in Research Methods.

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