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The Museum Experience
John H. Falk (Author); Lynn D. Dierking (Author)
224 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / Jan, 2011
Paperback (978-1-61132-027-5)
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  - Museum Studies & Practice

As the first book to take a "visitor's eye view" of the museum visit, The Museum Experience revolutionized the way museum professionals understand their constituents. Falk and Dierking integrate their
"Rereading this book really brought home to me what a classic it is. The core sense of it is still completely relevant; it still holds up completely as one of the three or four essential primers for museum professionals. Another part of the beauty of the book is its brevity and, hence, its clarity."

- Daniel Spock, Minnesota Historical Society

"I love this book! I still think it is one of the most read-able and applicable books in our field. It is perfect for students or professionals, particularly those who are new to the visitor perspective."

- Kris Morrissey, Director, Museology Graduate Program, University of Washington

"I was amazed at how well [The Museum Experience] held up over 20 years and how many insights I relearned. ... I think its still an essential text for the field and one that many people could learn a lot from in present form in 2011."

- Nina Simon, Museum 2.0

original research from a wide variety of disciplines as well as visitor studies from institutions ranging from science centers and zoos to art and natural history museums. Written in clear, non-technical style, The Museum Experience paints a thorough picture of why people go to museums, what they do there, how they learn, and what museum practitioners can do to enhance these experiences. This book is an essential reference for all museum professionals and students of museum studies, and has been used widely for higher education courses in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., and has been translated into Japanese and Chinese. Originally published in 1992, the book is now available from Left Coast Press, Inc. as of January 2011.

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