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Everyday Evaluation on the Run, Third Edition
Yoland Wadsworth (Author)
236 pp. / 7.00 x 10.00 / Jul, 2011
Paperback (978-1-61132-104-3)
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Evaluating programs has become a fixture in the human service sector. In many cases, program staff are asked to conduct the evaluation without any training on how to properly do it. This widely used
" Wadsworth helps readers develop a culture of evaluation by providing simple, practical, and useful guidance and techniques that anyone can apply to find the value in the programs, services, and events of which they contribute.

So whether you are an evaluation professional or simply someone who is interested in reflecting on your practice to identify ways it can be improved, this book provides helpful and practical processes, procedures, and techniques that you can implement to evaluate the value of the human activities with which you are engaged. Wadsworth has informed my practice of evaluation and enlightened me to this idea of an evaluation culture – a culture where we learn to seek out the value in our everyday lives. "

- The Qualitative Report

"Stimulating and well-presented."

- Elizabeth Sommerlad, Evaluation Development and Review Unit, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

"...very practical, dynamic and useful."

- AFT International News Week

"...fills the gap between the theoretical and political dimensions of evaluation and its practical uses for program development...engaging and stimulating."

- Australian Social Work

"...contains a lot of commonsense down to earth ideas for evaluation."

- James R Sanders, The Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University

"Practical, useful counsel emanates throughout. Impressively grounded in real world experiences."

- Michael Quinn Patton, author of Utilisation-Focused Evaluation

introduction to evaluation is intended for non-specialists who need to do evaluation as part of a busy workload. The book offers a practical overview of the main approaches to evaluation, strategies for involving stakeholders, and the evaluation industry’s toolbox of models and techniques. The author emphasizes the core principles and concepts of evaluation, and provides extensive examples. This third edition reflects current thinking on values in organizations and the need to use evaluation to guide future practice. It is a handy reference for professionals and students in health, welfare, and community work, and in government and non-profit agencies.

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