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Do It Yourself Social Research, Third Edition
Yoland Wadsworth (Author)
218 pp. / 7.00 x 10.00 / Jul, 2011
Paperback (978-1-61132-107-4)
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  - Health & Medicine
  - Qualitative Research & Methods

With the rapid growth of collaborative, indigenous, and community-based research, one of the key challenges researchers face is finding an effective way of involving non-researchers in the
"The language is engaging and accessible with many empirical examples, and the conversational style is in stark relief to many of the mainstream formal texts on social research methods."

- Luke Sloan, Qualitative Research

"No jargon, no mystification...not patronising. Experienced and new social researchers alike will certainly feel more secure and must do better research as a result of this publication."

- Australian Journal of Social Issues

"...incredibly useful."

- Elizabeth Reid, United Nations Development Program, New York

"This is a first-rate text. Students had one problem with it; because it was not turgid like other texts they felt it lacked sufficient depth. It was only when they were into their research that they understood what a great reference it is."

- Richard A. Couto, Union Institute and University

"Practical in its content, sophisticated in its ideas, the book shows a passion for making social science a tool of democracy. I know of nothing else that is half as good."

- Professor Raewyn Connell, University of Sydney

research process. Do It Yourself Social Research has been a best-selling methodology guide for action research projects and community groups in Australia for almost three decades. Always emphasizing the importance of a spirit of inquiry, it demystifies the research process, covering where to start, how to manage a research project, what methods, techniques and resources to use, and interpretation, analysis and reporting. This third edition has been thoroughly revised, adding the use of narrative and dialogue in research, rich research design, and what digital technology can (and can’t) contribute to the research process. With its hands-on, no-nonsense approach, Do It Yourself Social Research is an essential resource for community groups, college students, and other novice researchers in health, social welfare, education and related areas.

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