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Intangible Heritage and the Museum
New Perspectives on Cultural Preservation
Marilena Alivizatou (Author)
225 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / Jun, 2012
Paperback (978-1-61132-151-7)
Hardback (978-1-61132-150-0)
eBook (978-1-61132-533-1)
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  - Critical Cultural Heritage Series

Related Interest
  - Anthropology
  - Heritage Management and Heritage Studies
  - History
  - Museum Studies & Practice

In this comparative, international study Marilena Alivizatou investigates the relationship between museums and the new concept of “intangible heritage.” She charts the rise of intangible heritage
"While ostensibly a discussion on museology, this book also presents a critical contribution to a wider discussion on the more conservative interpretations of heritage she sees enshrined in global heritage conventions...This is an important challenge for both museologists and intangible heritage practitioners."

- Natsuko Akagawa, American Anthropologist

"[This book] provides an excellent overview of the concept of intangible heritage from the perspective of museology. It is a good text for use in numerous museum studies, material culture, ethnography and other university courses."

- Annette B. Fromm, Florida International University

"I found the book very relevant on many levels."

- Sharon Peoples, International Journal of Heritage Studies

"Alivizatou courageously offers us a set of conclusions that are worth studying for any agent involved in dealing with the complexity of historical engagement in public displays. The questions the author raises are important and her presentation is clear and compelling"

- Nick Stanley, The Public Historian

"The biggest value of this book is its holistic perspectives in linking intangible heritage and museology together. As cultural practice, intangible heritage is transformed into tangible objects associated with new museological perspectives. This approach to preserving intangible heritage contributes to an interpretative ethnographic framework which is different from traditional heritage preservation. This will encourage further debates about authenticity, community participation, and cultural transformation between the museum, culture, and tourism sectors. As this book gives clear explanations and useful evidence, it can be recommended to tourism, museum, heritage, and cultural studies students at either undergraduate or postgraduate levels, but particularly to undergraduate students of anthropology or tourism. Academics, museum managers, and policy-makers exploring intangible heritage preservation may also be interested in this book."

- Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change

"Combining rich discussion of important cases, this book is a significant contribution to the discussion of the relationship between museums and intangible heritage"

- Neil Curtis, Head of Museums, University of Aberdeen

within the global sphere of UN cultural policy and explores its implications both in terms of international politics and with regard to museological practice and critical theory. Using a grounded ethnographic methodology, Alivizatou examines intangible heritage in the local complexities of museum and heritage work in Oceania, the Americas and Europe. This multi-sited, cross-cultural approach highlights key challenges currently faced by cultural institutions worldwide in understanding and presenting this form of heritage.

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