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Archaeology to Delight and Instruct
Active Learning in the University Classroom
Heather Burke (Editor); Claire Smith (Editor)
288 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / Jan, 2007
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  - One World Archaeology

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This book presents novel and interesting ways of teaching archaeological concepts and processes to college and university students. Seeking alternatives to the formal lecture format, the various
"This book reminds teachers of the importance of engaging students in theory as well as facts and offers many examples of strategies for this engagement."

- Jonathan David Lawrence, Teaching Theology and Religion

"Heather Burke and Claire Smith, who are archaeologists based at the University of Adelaide, have edited a timely addition to the teaching of theoretical issues in archaeology in the undergraduate classroom. The overriding theme of this volume is that more innovative, engaged, and fun teaching activities and scenarios are imperative if improvements are to be made in the ways in which we teach and students learn. This book really is a must for anyone involved in teaching archaeology, whether they are at the beginning or well into their careers."

- Marc Oxenham, Aboriginal History

"The book is highly practical; the authors were, for the most part, asked to set out the aims of their ‘exercise’, to describe and present the materials, and to reflect on the outcomes when the exercise was utilized in the classroom. The result is that the book is a valuable resource both for the specific materials presented and for the supplementary materials discussed (often web-based) and available through the bibliographies. This is a valuable book for, dare I say it, plundering, as well as for inspiration and stimulation. No one who reads it will come away a worse teacher, and most of us will be very much improved."

- Mark Pluciennik, European Journal of Archaeology

"Do not be put off by the rather twee cover illustration and title, this is by far the best collection of texts I have found on teaching archaeological theory and critical thinking. In fact I wish the book had been available years ago, not just for myself but for those who lectured me! This book is a really useful resource for new exciting ideas on how to approach teaching theoretical concepts in archaeology courses…make sure you get this book for your bookshelf; it will improve both your teaching technique and your student evaluations."

- Roger Fyfe, Australasian Historical Archaeology

contributions seek better ways of communicating the complexities of human behavior and of engaging students in active learning about the past. This collection of imaginative exercises designed by 20 master instructors on three continents, include role-playing, games, simulations, activities, and performance, all designed to teach archaeological concepts in interesting and engaging ways.

This title is sponsored by World Archaeological Congress.

The World Archaeological Congress is the only archaeological organisation with elected global representation. Membership is open to archaeologists, heritage managers and members of the public.WAC is committed to the scientific investigation of the past and the protection of cultural heritage worldwide. It supports the empirical investigation and appreciation of the political contexts within which research is conducted and interpreted, and promotes dialogue and debate among advocates of different views of the past. It is committed to diversity and to redressing global inequities in archaeology, through scholarly programs. WAC has a special interest in protecting the cultural heritage of Indigenous peoples, minorities and economically disadvantaged countries. It encourages the participation of Indigenous peoples, researchers from low-income countries and members of the public who are interested in cultural heritage.

WAC Promotes
* Scientific Research and publication on the material remains of the past.
* Public Education to provide communities with information to participate in archaeological work.
* Professional Education and Training for economically disadvantaged nations, groups and communities.
* Action Research addressing issues relevant to the empowerment and betterment of Indigenous groups, minorities and the poor.
* Conservation of cultural heritage that is threatened by looting, vandalism, urban growth, tourism, development or war.

Left Coast Press, Inc. publishes two book series for the Congress, WAC Research Handbooks in Archaeology and the One World Archaeology Series (formerly published by Routledge and UCL Press; Left Coast Press volumes begin with volume 48, 2006).

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