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Buddhist Landscapes in Central India
Sanchi Hill and Archaeologies of Religious and Social Change, c. Third Century BC to Fifth Century AD
Julia Shaw (Author)
360 pp. / 8.13 x 11.75 / Aug, 2013
Hardback (978-1-61132-344-3)
eBook (978-1-61132-726-7)
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The “monumental bias” of Buddhist archaeology has hampered our
"This monograph makes a valuable contribution to scholarship through its welcome and innovative approach to the archaeological examination of ancient Buddhism in South Asia. It will be of great interest and worth to scholars and students of South Asian archaeology, as well as to those interested in landscape and the study of religion in general. It is only a shame that the monograph has not thus far been made more widely available."

- JASON HAWKES , Antiquity

understanding of the socio-religious mechanisms that enabled early Buddhist monks to establish themselves in new areas. To articulate these relationships, Shaw presents here the first integrated study of settlement archaeology and Buddhist history, carried out in the area around Sanchi, a Central Indian UNESCO World Heritage site. Her comprehensive, data-rich, and heavily illustrated work provides an archaeological basis for assessing theories regarding the dialectical relationship between Buddhism and surrounding lay populations. It also sheds light on the impact of the introduction of Buddhism on changing settlement patterns and land use. .

This volume was originally published in 2007 by the  British Association of South Asian Studies.

This title is sponsored by the British Association for South Asian Studies.

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