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A Fearsome Heritage
Diverse Legacies of the Cold War
Dr John Schofield (Editor); Wayne Cocroft (Editor)
334 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / Apr, 2007
Paperback (978-1-59874-259-6)
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A Fearsome Heritage was highly commended for the 2008 British Archaeological Awards Best Scholarly Archaeological Book! The British Archaeological Awards are a showcase for the best in British archaeology and a central event in the archaeological calendar. Established in 1976, they have grown to encompass fourteen Awards, covering every aspect of British archaeology.

From massive nuclear test sites to the more subtle material realities of everyday life, the influence of the Cold War on modern culture has been profound and global. Fearsome Legacies unites
"This book challenges the reader to look at archaeology in different and perhaps unfamiliar ways – through the lens of value-based heritage. A Fearsome Heritage will appeal more to the current history buff, the military history fan, and those interested in heritage politics…the volume contains something for everyone interested in archaeology because it highlights the current academic perspective on heritage – “engaged archaeology.” Because a good book also informs, challenges, and educates, A Fearsome Heritage is a good book indeed."

- Eleanor L. Morris, Industrial Archaeology

"…the individual contributions to this anthology coalesce to form an eclectic, innovative and refreshing collection that explores and analyses Cold-War related topics ranging from the space race to the domestic front, written not just by archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians, but also including contributions from artists, musicians, and writers…Schofield and Cocroft have successfully woven together a spectrum of views on the multi-faceted legacy of the Cold War. The result is a thought-provoking and insightful overview of the diversity of interests linked to Cold War heritage and a demonstration of the enduring influence of the Cold War on modern culture and contemporary perceptions on the world in which we live."

- Kelly Hignett, International Journal of Heritage Studies

"A Fearsome Heritage draws on artistic responses to the Cold War, defining them as being archaeology in a broad sense. This approach is refreshing, and the individual contributions are of high quality…the boldness of the book’s approach to modern remains, as well as its willingness to discuss topics rarely looked at by archaeologists, makes reading the volume a stimulating experience. The reader gets a good picture of the diversity of interest in heritage, as well as some of the approaches adopted by heritage managers, artists and political forces. The willingness to experiment, shown by the incorporation of sound and visual arts, is both admirable and effective in terms of underlining the message that not all the tools to understand Cold War heritage can be supplied by archaeology. "

- Mads Dahl Gjefsen , Archaeological Review from Cambridge

"As a study of the "contemporary past," the volume takes a multidisciplinary perspective that joins archaeology with anthropology, art, sociology, and politics to study/critique Cold War heritage. Importantly, the work of contemporary artists in film, video, and music loom large in this lavishly illustrated volume (which includes color!) because it not only constitutes archives, documents, and artifacts, but also serves to engage with the Cold War symbolically and interpret it for us."

- B. Osborne, CHOICE Magazine

" The book is very readable, and offers over 150 photos and illustrations that do a tremendous good job of highlighting the profound impact of the Cold War on material culture. "

- Current Archaeology

"A fascinating collection....Well and often intriguingly illustrated."

- The Architects' Journal

innovative work on the interpretation and management of Cold War heritage from fields including archaeology, history, art and architecture, and cultural studies. Contributors understand material culture in its broadest sense, examining objects in outer space, domestic space, landscapes, and artistic spaces. They tackle interpretive challenges and controversies, including in museum exhibits, heritage sites, archaeological sites, and other historic and public venues. With over 150 color photos and illustrations, including a photographic essay, readers can feel the profound visual impact of this material culture.

Shortlisted for the Best Scholarly Archaeological Book, 2008 British Archaeological Awards

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