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The Origins and Spread of Domestic Plants in Southwest Asia and Europe
Sue Colledge (Editor); James Conolly (Editor)
462 pp. / 8.50 x 11.00 / Jul, 2007
Hardback (978-1-59874-988-5)
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"This handsome volume should be on the bookshelf of every researcher interested in agricultural origins and dispersals."

- Dolores R. Piperno, Journal of Anthropological Research

"The Origins and Spread of Domestic Plants in Southwest Asia and Europe is one of several important books that have appeared recently that address the transition from foraging to farming…Although the transition to farming may not be the focus for archaeological research that it was several decades ago, volumes like this will help to re-center to discussion by drawing on the rich data that are now available."

- Peter Bogucki, Journal of Field Archaeology

"The archaeobotanical research assembled in this beautifully presented and large-format volume is simply staggering. The editors should be applauded for their impressive efforts."

- Tim Denham, Australian Archaeology

"Drawing from those presented at a December 2003 conference, these 23 papers focus primarily on the archaeobotanical evidence provided by research in early Neolithic crop-based agriculture. Convinced the practice began in southwest Asia, the articles trace the ways crops and farming practices developed and spread westward, giving this a pan-region perspective. Topics include regional contributions to the genesis of farming, adoption of farming in the Euphrates valley and the Fertile Crescent, the evidence for the origin of farming on Cyprus and Crete, archaeobotanical evidence of agriculture in the Aegean and Bulgaria, cultivated plants in the region between the Carpathians and Dniester, Neolithic agriculture in Italy and the West Mediterranean, and evidence from Spain, the Bay of Biscay, Austria, the Alpine foreland and the Alps, Slovakia, Poland, The Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and Britain. The editors include a very useful index of plant names."

- Book News Inc.

In this major new volume, leading scholars demonstrate the importance of archaeobotanical evidence in the understanding of the spread of agriculture in southwest Asia and Europe. Whereas previous overviews have focused either on Europe or on southwest Asia, this volume considers the transition from a pan-regional perspective, thus making a significant contribution to our understanding of the processes and dynamics in the transition to food production on both continents. It will be relevant to students, researchers, practitioners and instructors in archaeology, archaeobotany, agrobotany, agricultural history, anthropology, area studies, economic history and cultural development.

This title is sponsored by Institute of Archaeology, University College London.

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