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Archaeology of African Plant Use
Chris J Stevens (Editor); Sam Nixon (Editor); Mary Anne Murray (Editor); Dorian Q. Fuller (Editor)
293 pp. / 8.50 x 11.00 / Dec, 2013
Hardback (978-1-61132-974-2)
eBook (978-1-61132-756-4)
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"Despite variation in scale and quality, the ambitious range of themes addressed ensures that Archaeology of African Plant Use will be a central text for students interested in African archaeology and archaeobotany. As the range of studies in this volume demonstrate, archaeobotanical data can be recovered from a wide range of environmental and cultural contexts; it can no longer be argued that our lack of plant data is a preservation issue — it is because we aren’t looking hard enough. "

- Amanda L. Logan, Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa

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The first major synthesis of African archaeobotany in decades, this book focuses on Paleolithic archaeobotany and the relationship between agriculture and social complexity. It explores the effects that plant life has had on humans as they evolved from primates through the complex societies of Africa, including Egypt, the Buganda Kingdom, southern African polities, and other regions. With over 30 contributing scholars from 12 countries and extensive illustrations, this volume is an essential addition to our knowledge of humanity’s relationship with plants.

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