Advancing Ethnography in Corporate Environments
Challenges and Emerging Opportunities


Introduction Advancing Ethnography in Corporate Settings:
Challenges and Emerging Opportunities 7                                     

Brigitte Jordan


Chapter 1. Being There: The Power of Conventional Ethnographic Methods 23

Julia Gluesing

Chapter 2. Being There: The Power of Technology-based Methods 38

Ken Riopelle


Chapter 3. Ethnography for Systems Development: Renovating the Legacy 56

Patricia Ensworth

Chapter 4. Ethnography and Product Design: Fixing the Future 76

Marijke Rijsberman


Chapter 5. The Value of Rapid Ethnography 92

Ellen Isaacs

Chapter 6. The Limits to Speed in Ethnography 108

Melissa Cefkin


Chapter 7. The Cry for More Theory 122

Patricia Sunderland

Chapter 8. The Cry of Practicality 136

Rita Denny


Chapter 9. Doing Corporate Ethnography as an Insider (Employee) 151

Vidar Hepsų

Chapter 10. Doing Corporate Ethnography as an Outsider (Consultant) 163

Francoise Brun-Cottan


Chapter 11. Accelerated Pattern Recognition,
Ethnography, and the Era of Big Data 175

Chad R. Maxwell

Chapter 12. Pattern Recognition in Human Evolution
and Why It Matters for Ethnography, Anthropology, and Society 193

Brigitte Jordan

Index 215
About the Contributors 225