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Heritage, Tourism, and Community

Series Editor:
Helaine Silverman, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Heritage, Tourism and Community is an innovative book series that addresses these interconnected issues from multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. Manuscripts always are welcomed that consider heritage and tourism and their relationships to local community, economic development, regional ecology, heritage conservation and preservation, and related indigenous, regional, and national political and cultural issues.

The series focuses on how archaeological and historic sites, specific buildings, museums of various types, performances (intangible heritage), and natural environments are all venues for the construction and display of heritage by the tourism industry and by communities (up to the level of the imagined community of the nation), sometimes in consort with or opposition to each other (heritage as a site of struggle). Of particular interest are policy parameters (including those of the particular governmental and/or non-governmental entities involved) and policy’s implications for the affected communities (for instance, in terms of the construction of identity around heritage and continued access to its tangible manifestations or participation in its ephemeral performances). 

Also important to consider are recursive issues of representation: how “others” are represented to tourists and how tourists are perceived by the host (willing or not) community; the different meanings and understandings of heritage held by different stakeholders that revolve around sites/performances; gender issues (from tourism’s differential impact on communities to how men and women travel); and the role of various brokers such as tour guides and travel agents.

The volumes in this series are all single-author case studies. Each book conveys the key elements of a specific case of heritage tourism development, highlighting the value of the case study to those practicing in this field (anthropologists, archaeologists, public historians, policy makers, urban planners, etc.). In addition, each volume is driven by theory and practical principles drawn from the cases that demonstrate the book’s relevance to issues of concern to the series’ wide readership. Comparisons to other relevant case studies are also made so as to contextualize the monograph’s argument. Volumes are never limited to purely descriptive studies of individual heritage tourism projects and how obstacles were overcome in that setting. 

Manuscripts will be 150-300 pages double-spaced (35,000-70,000 words), with up to 40 illustrations. They are reviewed by the series editor and appropriate members of the 10-member editorial board.

Proposals and letters of inquiry welcome, please email the series editor: helaine@uiuc.edu

Learn more about the series directly from series editor Helaine Silverman here.

Series Titles

Coach Fellas
Heritage and Tourism in Ireland
Kelli Ann Costa
Faith in Heritage
Displacement, Development, and Religious Tourism in Contemporary China
Robert J. Shepherd (Author)
Haunted Heritage
The Cultural Politics of Ghost Tourism, Populism, and the Past
Michele Hanks (Author)
Heritage That Hurts
Tourists in the Memoryscapes of September 11
Joy Sather-Wagstaff
Inconvenient Heritage
Erasure and Global Tourism in Luang Prabang
Lynne M. Dearborn (Author), John C. Stallmeyer (Author)
Speaking for the Enslaved
Heritage Interpretation at Antebellum Plantation Sites
Antoinette T Jackson (Author)
The Political Museum
Power, Conflict, and Identity in Cyprus
Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert (Author), Alexandra Bounia (Author)
The Tourists Gaze, The Cretans Glance
Archaeology and Tourism on a Greek Island
Philip Duke

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