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One World Archaeology

Series Editors: Joan Gero (jgero@american.edu), Mark Leone (mleone@anth.umd.edu), Robin Torrence (robint@austmus.gov.au)
Sponsored by the World Archaeological Congress

Beginning with volume 48, the One World Archaeology series has been published by Left Coast. These volumes contain selections of the papers presented at the WAC Congresses, held every four years.  

The subject matter of this series is wide-ranging, reflecting the diverse interests of WAC. WAC gives place to considerations of power and politics in framing archaeological questions and results. WAC also gives place and privilege to minorities who have often been silenced or regarded as beyond capable of making main line contributions to the field. All royalties from the series are used to help the wider work of WAC, including providing the means for less advantaged colleagues to attend WAC conferences, thereby enabling them to contribute to the development of the academic debate surrounding the study of the past.

The One World Archaeology series was launched after the first WAC congress in 1986 in Southampton, England. Books prior to Volume 48 were published by Routledge.

Series Titles

A Fearsome Heritage
Diverse Legacies of the Cold War
Dr John Schofield (Editor), Wayne Cocroft (Editor)
African Re-Genesis
Confronting Social Issues in the Diaspora
Jay B. Haviser (Editor), Kevin C. MacDonald (Editor)
Archaeologies of Art
Time, Place, and Identity
Inés Domingo Sanz (Editor), Dánae Fiore (Editor), Sally K. May (Editor)
Archaeologies of Placemaking
Monuments, Memories, and Engagement in Native North America
Patricia E. Rubertone (Editor)
Archaeology and Capitalism
From Ethics to Politics
Yannis Hamilakis (Editor), Philip Duke (Editor)
Archaeology to Delight and Instruct
Active Learning in the University Classroom
Heather Burke (Editor), Claire Smith (Editor)
Bridging the Divide
Indigenous Communities and Archaeology into the 21st Century
Caroline Phillips (Editor), Harry Allen (Editor)
Coexistence and Cultural Transmission in East Asia
Naoko Matsumoto (Editor), Hidetaka Bessho (Editor), Makoto Tomii (Editor)
Envisioning Landscape
Situations and Standpoints in Archaeology and Heritage
Dan Hicks (Editor), Laura McAtackney (Editor), Graham Fairclough (Editor)
Landscapes of Clearance
Archaeological and Anthropological Perspectives
Angèle Smith (Editor), Amy Gazin-Schwartz (Editor)
Living Under the Shadow
Cultural Impacts of Volcanic Eruptions
John Grattan (Editor), Robin Torrence (Editor)
Managing Archaeological Resources
Global Context, National Programs, Local Actions
Francis P McManamon (Editor), Andrew Stout (Editor), Jodi A Barnes (Editor)
Rethinking Agriculture
Archaeological and Ethnoarchaeological Perspectives
Timothy P. Denham (Editor), Jose Iriarte (Editor), Luc Vrydaghs (Editor)
Underwater and Maritime Archaeology in Latin America and the Caribbean
Margaret E. Leshikar-Denton (Editor), Pilar Luna Erreguerena (Editor)

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