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Museums & Social Issues
A Journal of Reflective Discourse
Kristine Morrissey, Editor-in-Chief
Semi-annual, Spring and Fall
288 pp. / ISSN: 1559-6893

Current Issue
Open(ing) Authority Through Community Engagement
Fall 2012
Vol. 7, N. 2
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About the Journal

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As of 2012, we are pleased to announce a change in format that allows researchers, museum practitioners, theorists, social scientists, and others to submit articles on any topic related to the engagement of museums in the enduring and complex issues facing our society.

Since its inaugural issue in 2006, MSI has been a theme-based journal, addressing topics such as race, immigration, incarceration, connection with nature and other topics. The new format will maintain the focus on compelling issues but will provide more flexibility and the ability to respond to dynamic and contemporary topics by featuring theoretical, philosophical, and practical pieces that discuss museums in relation to a range of contemporary issues, rather than limited to a specific theme.

"This journal provides important information about how public discussions of social issues occur in, and are structured by, museums. It reminds social scientists to think about the way social issues are framed and evolved in a social context." ~ Susan Clayton, Professor of Psychology, The College of Wooster

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