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International Review of Qualitative Research
Sponsored by International Center for Qualitative Inquiry
Norman K. Denzin, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Quarterly in May, August, November and February
512 pp. / ISSN: 1940-8447

Current Issue
Vol. 5, no. 4 IRQR
Winter 2012
Vol. 5, N. 4
About the Journal

UC Press now publishes this journal.

INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF QUALITATIVE RESEARCH is a peer reviewed journal that encourages the use of critical, experimental and traditional forms of qualitative inquiry in the interests of social justice. We seek works that are both academically sound and partisan, works that offer knowledge-based radical critiques of social settings and institutions while promoting human dignity, human rights, and just societies around the globe. Submissions to the journal are judged by the effective use of critical qualitative research methodologies and practices for understanding and advocacy in policy arenas, as well as clarity of writing and willingness to experiment with new and traditional forms of presentation. Linked to the annual Congress for Qualitative Inquiry, much of the journal’s content will be drawn from presentations and themes developed from these international meetings. Attendees of the Congress will receive an annual subscription as part of their registration fees.

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