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Science & Civic Life
Kris Morrissey and Robert Garfinkle
Published In Spring 2009
144 pp. Vol. 4, N. 1
Issue ISBN: 978-1-59874-823-9
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Institutions: $75.00
Museum: $45.00
Individuals: $25.00

Table of Contents

Introduction - Robert Garfinkle

Science in the Obama Administration -
Tiffany Lohwater

New Roles for Science Museums in Civic Life - Larry Bell

Mind the Gap: Science Museums as Sources of Civic Innovation - Alison Kadlec

Scinece and Technology Policy and Ethics: What Role Should Scinece Museums Play? - Susanna Priest

Historical Perspective on Participatory Approaches in Science and Technology - Martin Lengwiler

Making Peace with Plutonium - Doug Mercer

Addressing Climate Change in the Adirondacks - Stephanie Ratcliffe

Learning Science in Informal Environments: People, Places, and Pursuits
A report from the National Research Council
George Hein

World Science Festival, New York City
Eric Siegel

Jeffrey Acquino

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